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Information about refilling cylinders


Dear friends!


If you want to refill the cylinders in "POISK" this information may be useful for you.


1. You need to fill in the application form and send it to "POISK". Our contacts in Russia and in Kathmandu (poisk-ltd@bk.ru ; +7-812-309-10-11; +7-921-948-39-31 Oleg).


2. In two days after receiving the application an expert from "POISK" will let you know the producing date of your cylinder and with what pressure it should be refilled.


3. If you decided to refill your cylinder you should keep in mind the following: Stopping valve need to be replaced if - if it has visible damage of butt sealing face or carving; - if it is leaking (leak of oxygen). This defect can occur during the refilling. In this case the question of replacing stopping valve and refilling of cylinder will be discussed with the customer; - Replacement of stopping valve costs $ 60;


4. If during the refilling revealed that the frame is leaking, then the stopping valve removed from this cylinder, and the carving on the cylinder will worn out, to prevent it from refilling in the future. This cylinder and it stopping valve will be returned to the customer.


5. If nipple of stopping valve is broken and the cylinder is under the pressure (as determined by weighing the cylinder), because of the security objectives of our staff this cylinder will not be accepted for refilling.


6. On all cylinders that we refilled, puts new plastic thermoshrinkable film (sleeve) and a protective net. All this costs $ 15. Installing of a new protective cap for stopping valve costs $ 10.


7. If you agree with these clauses, you can bring your cylinder to our collection point at KATHMANDU 30, THAMEL, KATHMANDU, NEPAL. After the accepting and inspecting your cylinder our representative will signed the application and determined deadlines of your order.


8. Payment for work performed after the work and inspection of the refilled cylinders. When accepting the cylinders you can selectively check the pressure in any cylinder using our regulator. Important! It must be remembered that illegal refilling or usage of defective regulators causes damage to the stopping valve, which in turn can cause a fire or explosion of the valve during the usage.


9. In our office you can buy all the necessary components and parts for our cylinders, regulators and masks (the prices you can find on our website), and also get the necessary advices on the safe usage.

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