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Cylinder BG-80-40 TU 2296-025-03455343-05

Ballon BG-80-40 is intended for use in the marine environment in the deep-diving complex Dolphin - HVA. The container is designed for cylinder type BMA-160-31, 4, using the same materials. Given the nature of exploitation involves additional protection material liner compounds of zinc, and material power envelope - with special enameled type VC-1236 and CS-5226. The container used to store breathing gas mixtures and oxygen. Cylinders of 80 l, working pressure 40 MPa. Specifications cylinder are given in Table 1. Tests of prototype tanks are planned in the first half of 2007, work on the project funded from the budget and monitored VP MO RF.Zakazchikom work is of "CDB" Lapis ", Nizhny Novgorod.


Parameter value
nominal capacity of the cylinder, l 1973
diameter, mm, not more than 317
length of the container, no more than 1580
weight cylinder, kg 100
Connecting thread socket
M18 * 1,5-6g
GOST 2475-2004
working pressure in the cylinder, MPa (kgf/cm2 39,2 (400)
minimum pressure in the tank when operating in sea water, MPa (kgf/cm2)
- with DHS
- with oxygen at the external pressure 0,59-4,9 MPa
9,8 (100)
2,94-7,35 (30-75
Pressure test during hydraulic testing, MPa (kgf/cm2) 58,8 (600)
pressure in the pneumatic testing for leaks, MPa (kgf/cm2) 39,2 (400)
Trial external hydraulic pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 7,35 (75)
work environment,% DHS: oxygen from 0,5 to 23; nitrogen from 4 to 78 ; helium from 50 to 98. Oxygen 100
Minimum pressure destruction MPa (kgf/cm2) 94,1 (960)
Operating temperature in the atmosphere, oC from minus 40 to plus 45
Operating temperature in sea water, oC from minus 4 to plus 35
designated lifetime, years 1930
allowable change in capacity under load when the hydraulic pressure test test ΔV / V,%
- during acceptance tests
- the inspection
no more than 5
no more than 4