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Pressure Cylinders Aluminum fuel BDMT-24, 5 TU 2296-026-03455343-06


Cylinders pressure metal-fuel BDMT-24, 5 (hereinafter referred to as "cylinders") are manufactured according to TU 2296-026-03455343-06 c 2007 (agreed with Rostekhnadzor 01.02.2008 years) and cylinders BDMT-19, 6 - in 2008 and designed for transporting and storing natural gas fuel (GOST 5542-87, GOST 27577-2000) and other gases not corrosive to materials of the container ( see photo 1).








Photo 1

the symbol of the cylinders at the order shall contain the name, capacity, operating pressure (in MPa) and the designation of technical conditions. Notation example: "Ballon BDMT-260-24, 5" TU 2296-026-03455343-06 where BDMT - indicates cylinder pressure metal fuel; 260 - cylinder capacity in liters; 24,5 - working pressure MPa. The design of cylinders is protected by patents for the invention: "The composite gas cylinder pressure" (patent number 2,077,682 from 20.04.97g.), "Method of forming a hollow body with variable cross section, a method of manufacturing the metal liner of high-pressure device and forming a hollow body with variable cross section ( patent number 2263001 from 27.10.2005) and utility models: "Metal-cylinder high-pressure" (certificate number 13498 on 17.12.1999 r), "Metal-cylinder high-pressure. Options "(certificate number 14065 of 16.02.2000)," The device for storing and gas supply (options), a support for metal-high-pressure vessel (certificate number 22216 of 10.03.2002 town). The main parameters and characteristics of the cylinder cylinders made parties (the party - no more than 200 pieces) with a capacity from 40 to 375 liters. The main parameters of cylinders BDMT-24, 5 and 40 with a capacity of 360 liters are given in Appendix 1, and the parameters of cylinders BDMT-19, 6 with a capacity of 90 to 375 l - in Appendix 2. Cylinders BDMT-24, 6 survive, while maintaining its performance (strength and tightness) and 5000 fueling stations (dozapravok) pressure of 0,5-2 MPa to 24.5 MPa operating pressure, including 10 cycles of loading a test pressure of 36.75 MPa under normal climatic conditions (NCA), and cylinders BDMT-19, 6 - up to 15000 cycles, the pressure of 0,5-2 MPa to 19.6 MPa operating pressure, including 10 cycles of loading a test pressure of 29.4 MPa. Thread adapter cylinder resistant to multiple (up to 10 times) mounting and dismounting the valve. The container consists of a metal liner plugs, power adapter and a fiberglass shell (Appendix 3). Leiner made of pipes, made in accordance with GOST 18482-79 and OST 1.92048-90 of annealed aluminum alloy AMg6M (see photo 2).







Photo 2

for the production of the pipe liner used pipe-cutting machines such as CA 983 (1A983). Immediately before and during the closing ends liner on pipe-cutting machine made hardening the tube end technology NPO "SEARCH (see photo 3).








Photo 3

Plugs and Adapters cylinders made of stainless steel 12X18H10T GOST 5949-75. Plug and adapter mounted on the neck of the bottle. To seal rings used for sealing circular 032-040-46-2-2 GOST 18829-73 from oil-resistant rubber (7 in 14). The reinforcement material used in the power envelope stekloroving with specific breaking load of not less than 40 kg / tex GOST 17139-2000 or TU 5952-045-05763895-2004, which is wound on the liner in the manufacture of the cylinder at a special winding machine (see photo 4 ).







Photo 4

When the plastic molding the power envelope is used binder EDT-10, prepared by AEB 3371-78 TU, consisting of resin ED-20 GOST 10587, resin DEG-1 TU 2225-527-00203521-93 and hardener TEAT TU 09/06/1911 - 2119-93 in the ratio of the mass 10/1/1. Preparation of stekloroving, binder and liner, as well as forming the power envelope and quality control are carried out on technical documentation developed by NPO SEARCH ". The results of the acceptance of the container shall be recorded in the technological and operational passport. Delivered tubular billets for the manufacture of liner, roving and sealing rubber rings are accompanied by a certificate of quality or technical passport, confirming their technical characteristics. The delivery container includes: 1. Cylinder BDMT-24, 5 or BDMT-19, 6. 2. Valve CNG VMA-2000 or another (in order). 3. ZIP (ring rubber sealing 032-040-46-2-2 - 4 pcs.). 4. Passport cylinder. 5. Manual (1 per batch). 6. Instruction on rules for the technical examination and rejection of cylinders during the operation (one per batch). 7. Packing containers. On the cylindrical surface of the cylinder is attached (attached) a label containing the following data: - the symbol of the cylinder - serial serial number - trademark "Poisk", - the inscription "Natural gas (methane)" or the name of another gas - mass of the empty container, kg, - working pressure (P), MPa (kgf/cm2) - test hydraulic pressure (P), MPa (kgf/cm2), - the nominal capacity (V), l - month and year of manufacture - operating temperature, ° C, - date of the next examination, - a brand OCC manufacturer. On the adapter and plugs impact way mirrored room balloon and the last two digits of the year of manufacture. Inscription: "Natural gas (methane)"-is applied to the surface of the container, the color labels - white, font Sh1, the letters 60 mm. For painting and inscriptions of materials and technologies in accordance with NTD. Note: The label and inscription with the name of the gas can be produced by adhesive tape. Cylinders taken OCC fit into a box or crate. In agreement with the customer cylinders can be supplied without packaging. In each box are placed, in addition: - passport - a packing list. On the packing list includes: the manufacturer, designation of the container, specifications, packaging date, stamp OCC. Packing list, passport, manual and the instructions on the rules of the technical examination and rejection of cylinders during operation packed in a plastic bag in accordance with GOST 10354. On the box (packaging) states: - the manufacturer - load weight, kg net (Gross) - the date of packaging - box number (serial) - the address of the recipient. Category packing corresponds to the KU-1 according to GOST 23170 with manipulation signs 2, 3 according to GOST 14192. Security container and the environment. Body of the cylinder under internal pressure not exceeding the working pressure, non-explosive, his power shell of fiberglass refers to inflammable materials with flammability index K <1.0, non-toxic materials and containers in direct contact with the operating temperature does not have a harmful effect on human body. Production of cylinders in accordance with the Rules of design and safe operation of vessels under pressure "PB 03-576-03. Filling and refilling of cylinders must be done at specialized stations (points) refuelling. When using cylinders of compressed natural gas special measures to protect the natural environment is not required. After the end of the cylinders' life term  it can be returned to the NGO "SEARCH" for recycling. For quality control and verification of compliance of cylinders requirements of normative and technical documentation in NPO "SEARCH" conducted all necessary types of tests, including the strength (see photo 5):








Picture 5

- Acceptance - periodic - model. Transportation, storage and exploitation of container. Terms of transporting containers on the manufacturing and utilities must comply with conditions 4 (x2), GOST 15150, and storage - when under GOST 15150, and ensure the integrity and security of the container. Cylinders must be protected against mechanical damage. Cylinders BDMT-19, 6 are stored in containers in stock closed on the shelves at a temperature of minus 45 to plus 65 ° C; and cylinders BDMT-24, 5 - from minus 45 to plus 60 ° C, from minus 45 to plus 65 ° C and minus 50 to plus 60 ° C depending on the version of their fabrication of. Thread adapter, cylinder or valve cap or caps that are allowed to withdraw just before the installation works. Transportation of cylinders is permitted by all kinds of vehicles with no restrictions on the range and speed of transportation in accordance with the regulations in force in this mode of transport. When operating the cylinder external influences must meet performance by, category placement 3 to GOST 15150. Fill Rate cylinder gas should not exceed 10 MPa / min. The frequency of inspection of the cylinder: a) during transportation and storage of natural gas fuel (GOST 5542-87, GOST 27577-2000), as well as gases which cause corrosion at a rate not exceeding 0.1 mm / year - for cylinders up to 100 hp inclusive - 5 years - for cylinders with a capacity exceeding 100 liters of external and internal examination of cylinders shall be held responsible for the implementation of production control once in 2 years, specialist expert organization - once in 4 years, a hydraulic test - once in 8 years . b) during transportation and storage of compressed air with a dew point of minus 35 ° C and lower, measured at a pressure of 15 MPa and above, and other gases, non-corrosive materials of fishing container - 10 years. During operation, protect the container from the impact on its surface precipitation, solvents, including gasoline, oil, etc., as well as direct solar radiation. The scheme and method of securely attached to the cylinder of the gas installation and the vehicle must be consistent with the manufacturer's container, ie with "NGO" Search ". Guarantees of the cylinder. The designated service life (storage and operating) within the designated resource on the number of charge cycles - 15 years. The designated resource cylinders BDMT-24, 5 by the number of charge cycles - 5000, within the limits of their term of service, and BDMT-19, 6 - 15000. Warranty period of operation and storage of cylinders, since its receipt (shipment) - 3 years subject to the consumer of storage, transportation and exploitation. Warranty operating time within the warranty period and storage - 1000 cycles. Upon the expiration of their term of service or making assigned resource containers must be disposed of.