NPO Poisk

Cylinder BG-80-20 TU 2296-018-03455343-06


In the autumn of 2009, "NPO" POISK "began to develop a new type of cylinder. These cylinders for compressed air are designed to operate in conditions of sea water in deep-sea submersible vehicles. Consigned to store compressed air pressure to 20.0 MPa in the product Triton -NN.
Deep-water tanks have a capacity of 80 liters and a working pressure equal to 20 MPa. The length of one cylinder 1354mm, its outer diameter 317 of 2 mm and the weight 46.6 kg. The container has two neck threaded M30h2.




   Oxygen tank Oxygen tank before the test                            Oxygen tank Oxygen tank  after test

Parameter  Value 
Nominal capacity of the cylinder, L 80
Outer diameter, mm, not more 320
Length of the container with the adapter, and plug, mm 1385
Mass of cylinder with adapter and plug, kg, not more 50
Connecting thread in the adapter G 1/4 GOST 6357-81
Operating pressure in the cylinder, MPa 20,0
Pressure test for hydraulic tests, MPa 30,0
The pressure in the pneumatic tests, MPa 20,0
Minimum static pressure destruction, at least 48,0
Operating temperature, C   from minus 40 to plus
Operating temperature in sea water with from minus 4 to plus 35
Operating temperature during transportation in the processes that exploitation  from minus 50 to plus 60 
Working environment
compressed air with a dew point of minus 35 degrees C
and lower, measured at a pressure of 150 kgf/cm2
The designated service life, years
- Including those in seawater, h

The allowable change in capacity under load when the hydraulic pressure test test ΔV / V,%
- During the acceptance tests
- The periodic inspection