NPO Poisk

Cylinders Series BMA-40 TU 2296-022-03455343-06

Cylinder BD-40 TU 2296-005-03455343 - 99

Cylinders Series BMA-40 TU 2296-022-03455343-06

Cylinder BG-80-40 TU 2296-025-03455343-05

Metal cylinders for cryogenic technology. Cylinders of small capacity with organic-plastic solid shell for small thermal imaging devices. BG-0 ,4 BG-35-0 ,75-43.

High pressure is widely used in cryogenic technology to cool the various devices, including night vision devices. These cylinders are requirements on maximum working volume with limited dimensions, minimum weight is not charged cylinder and high resource on the number of refills working environment.

Currently, the cryogenic technology used metal cylinders made of titanium alloys. The disadvantage of these cylinders is a large mass and high complexity in their manufacture. The use of metal containers instead of metal allows you to reduce weight while maintaining the capacity of the cylinder.

Cylinder BD-20-1, 7 TU 1417-004-03455343-2004

Metal cylinders, medium BG-20-41 (20 liters) TU 1412-002-03455343-2002 (instead of TU 1412-002-03455343-97)

Tanks for storage of fire extinguishing tools and reagents

Batteries gas

Tanks for storage of aggressive gaseous media

Pressure Cylinders Aluminum fuel BDMT-24, 5 TU 2296-026-03455343-06



Metal-plastic Cylinders pressure fuel BDMT-24, 5 (hereinafter referred to as "cylinders") are manufactured according to TU 2296-026-03455343-06 since 2007 (consistent with Rostekhnadzor 01.02.2008 years), and cylinders BDMT-19, 6 - since 2008 year and are designed for transportation and storage of natural gas fuel (GOST 5542-87, GOST 27577-2000) and other gases not corrosive materials container (see photo 1).


Cylinder BG-80-20 TU 2296-018-03455343-06

In the autumn of 2009, "NPO" POISK "began to develop a new type of cylinder. These cylinders for compressed air are designed to operate in conditions of sea water in deep-sea submersible vehicles. Consigned to store compressed air pressure to 20.0 MPa in the product Triton -NN.