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By request of Russian Ministry of Transport



By request of Russian Ministry of Reilway our company started to produse the facilitated cylinders for needs of a railway transportation.




Presumably this cylinders will be used as alternative fuel for railway draught (diesel locomotives), the decision on transfer of diesel locomotives on gas fuel is recently accepted. Now 1st stage of works on issue of cylinders by capacity of 120 and 90 litres, by pressure 20 MPa (204 kgf / in sq. sm) is executed 



Still the big efficiency of Open Society "Russian Railway" plans to receive from application in transportation process gazoturbovozov, working on natural gas. In 2005 tests model the sample gazoturbovoza capacity of 1000 kV on the basis of shunting diesel locomotive TEM should be conducted. Outline study of a pre-production model gazoturbovoza by capacity of 8300 kV with cryogenic capacity on 20 tons of liquefied gas is conducted. The branch research and developmental organizations, and also the industry enterprises are involved in designing and construction gazoturbovoza: Open Society "SNTK of N.D.Kuznetsova" (Samara), FGUP "Salute" (Moscow), Open Society "Uralkriomash" (Nizhni Tagil) and others. At creation main gazoturbovoza experience on creation gaz-turbine gas engine NK-89 for the plane THAT 156 will be considered. Operational tests skilled gazoturbovoza are planned for conducting, on a plot Surgut - Vojnovka of the Sverdlovsk railway. Accounts on use gazoturbovoza on the given plot show reduction in expenditure on fuel in comparison with serial diesel locomotives in 1,8 times. Pre-production operation of diesel locomotives and gazoturbovozov on gas fuel is base for the further large-scale work on other railways - Open Society "Russian Railway" branches. In total diesel ranges of 12 railways can be transferred to gas. Thus the length of range gazoteplovozs draughts can constitute 34 250 km. In 2005-2010 delivery of 46 diesel locomotives of series TEM18 working on compressed natural gas is provided. According to the program locomotive building  Open Society "Russian Railway" provides issue of diesel locomotives of new generation 25, 35, including their gas updating.





They will be used at experimental re-equipment of shunting diesel locomotive CHMEZG in gaz-locomotiv CHMEZG. Accounts show that total replacement of diesel fuel by natural gas with a railway transportation can constitute about 1 million t/year, and requirement for natural gas — 1,2 billion m3/year. According to the protocol of joint meeting of Open Society "Russian Railway" and Administration of Sverdlovsk area from March, 3rd, 2004 GF-9 the organization Program on range of the Sverdlovsk railway of pre-production operation of diesel locomotives on liquefied  and the compressed natural gas "is developed and approved". The program provides working out, creation and operation in 2005-2007 of an experimental batch shunting gazoteplovozov series CHMEZG, 2GDEM18G and main gaz-loco series 2TE116 – 9 locomotives in general. Work of diesel locomotives of series CHMEZG, TEM18G is provided on compressed natural gas, and series TEM2G and 2TE116G - on liquefied natural gas. Pre-production operation gas-locomotiv will be carried out on the basis of locomotive depots Egorshino and Sverdlovsk-classifying section. Transfer of the main two-section diesel locomotives 2116 on gas in these depot within the limits of the program ensures annual economy of working costs to acquisition of fuel for traction needs at a rate of 1,3 million rbl. on a diesel locomotive. Payback time of the pilot project constitutes 6 years from the beginning of wide transfer of diesel range on gas-engine fuel. Two pre-production model gaz-loco TEM18G, working on the compressed natural gas, pass operational tests on Moscow railways (TEM18-002 - in depot Lihobory) and on Sverdlovsk  (TEM18G-001 - in depot Sverdlovsk-classifying section). In working out, manufacturing and realization of tests of pre-production models gazoteplovozov are involved: FGUP , FGUP , , Open Society "Kolomna factory", Joint-Stock Company UK "Bryansk machine works", Open Society "Penzadizel-mash", Open Society "Uralkrioteh-nika", VNIIGAZ, NIIMASh (Bottom Salda), Open Society "Kriogenmash". Open Society "Kriogaz" (the Ural branch), Open Society "Uraltransgaz" participate In works on infrastructure creation and "Uralzheldorproekt".






 Shunting gaz-locomotiv CHMEZG on KPG. Capacity - 993 kw, an operational stock of gas - 700 kg




  Magistral gaz-locomotiv -1. Capacity gazturbine the engine - 8300-10 500 







Metal-plastics cylinders with all-metal leyners from aluminium alloys are intended for storage and transportation of the compressed natural gas which is in turn used as motor fuel.