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Unit of oxygen equipment POISK

Unit of oxygen equipment POISK




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The device consists of 4 main parts: light oxygen-bottle of 3-4L capasity (1), stopping valve (BSV); reducer (2) with gas flow regulator (5), which provides possibility for oxygen storage, control & consumption; oxygen mask (3) with gas flow indicator (4) and bayonet join.

In order to control oxygen pressure inside the cylinder sometimes regulator can be equipped with a manometer, and a cross-shaped junction as a fitting to several oxygen masks (up to 4).


This information has been on our site for some years already.

During this period our device has proved its absolute faultless service. Many clients of POISK have conquered the highest peaks of our planet due to adherence to the rules of use.

You can make inquiries about it by asking those climbers who have already effected their ascents using POISK oxygen system (for information go to www.poisk-ltd.ru). One should acknowledge that our unit of oxygen equipment has become very popular with climbers from all other the world.


The only remark that had been being constantly heard from our clients was the improvement of POISK oxygen mask.

To meet the wishes of expedition leaders as well as our respected clients we decided to launch a program on the improvement of not only oxygen masks but also other means of oxygen supply to upper respiratory tract.

The implementation of the program had specially required numerous consultations with scientific-and-engineering teams from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Oxygen masks of the new type were already designed on the first stage of the program and their output is being successfully effected at present. The prototype of the manufactured masks was tested on Everest by Russell Brice (during his expedition in 2004).

Henceforth Poisk intends to design and produce only forward looking means of oxygen supply.


Esteemed ladies and gentlemen!

We design our equipment for your own safety.

Naturally, our equipment should be effective and reliable. However we realize that it is your participation in this matter that should be most conductive in the achievement of our goal.

Please, do not hesitate to let us know of your comments, censorious remarks and wishes.

We are open to any cooperation with our customers and ready to work together on the implementation of your ideas.

(Please, e-mail to: poisk-ltd@bk.ru)


Here is the general conception of POISK oxygen equipment.


— Oxygen masks are specially designed for oxygen feeding of a human under conditions of partial pressure of oxygen in the ambient air in order to prevent hypoxia and to protect breathing organs & facial skin from possible climatic impact.

— At ascents make sure that you are using 2 masks: one – for the ascent itself, the other – for rest hours or night sleep. Both masks have different constructions and different adjacency to face; it was specially designed so that the skin can have rest.

— Presently, three types of mask are being manufactured (the description and photos of POISK new masks are given below), masks vary in form (facial and back of the head parts), materials and dimensions. Practically anyone can find a mask of his own size. Though masks differ in price depending on the type of material and front part construction, they provide equal oxygen feeding.

— As to construction, masks have exhalation and inhalation valves, both valves produce insignificant resistance and thus keep economizer working.

— All types of masks are furnished with economizer which is being applied to save oxygen when oxygen feeding is continuous; economizer brings the consumption of oxygen up to 90%. The description of economizer structure is given below.

— The construction of oxygen masks consists of unified elements which makes some minor repairs and replacements possible without professional assistance and directly in the mountains by using the contents of group maintenance kit. You can purchase necessary units or details.

— Newly designed packing bag guarantees its safety when the mask is on; it keeps joint and oxygen path inside the reducer clean while at storage.

— Mask “All-night” consists of standard, easy replaced elements usually applied in medicine; it promotes quick recovery of breathing organs after inhaling dry and chilled air during the ascents; it preserves from excessive loss of warmth and moisture due to the use of thermo-moisture exchanger.

— All masks are highly hygienic, easy to wash and treat.

— Our masks can easily be converted into evaporation or dust mask, by means of special filters.






Economizer (fig.2) – is a thin shell latex bag (1)

in soft fabric cover (2), a system of oxygen feeding (3), which provides oxygen inside the bag via flow sensing element, plus pipe (4) for the connection to the cavity of oxygen mask. Economizer provides efficient use of oxygen unless the gas supply is continuous (up to 90% allowing for accurate regulation of the oxygen flow)


Maximum savings of oxygen in the circumstances of its deficiency is possible by regulating the amount of oxygen flow with the help of special valve fixed on flow regulator.

To adjust oxygen flow, make sure that the bag of economizer is blown off at inhalation, fully blown up at exhalation and remains oxygen-filled during respiratory pause. If the bag of economizer does not abate at inhalation, it signifies about heavy oxygen flow and can bring to excessive oxygen consumption.


The use of exhalation and inhalation valves is necessary since both valves produce additional resistance to respiration and thus keep economizer working.


Soft fabric bag is meant for mask storage and has two spaces inside. The mouth of the bag can be pulled tight with cords and then fixed with locks.

Facial part of the mask, economizer and flow indicator are located inside the bigger space of the bag; oxygen reducer, oxygen pipe and bayonet lock – are in the smaller space of the bag. Oxygen hose is passed through the bottom of the bag, which is to be removed only in case of cleaning, washing or replacement. There is simply no chance of losing the bag. On the bag, there is a little pocket, where the name of owner can be indicated with waterproof soft-tip pen.




In this photo you can see POISK new mask “The Himalayas de Lux”. This mask has an excellent functional performance; its facial part is made of soft natural rubber and fits to face in the area of bridge (of nose) – zeugmatic bone – chin. Tight fixation on the nasal surface is obtained by a nose – clamp (2) in the form of plastic spring fixed on the outer part of the mask right above the nose area. This type of mask has got 3 sizes.

Inhalation valve (3) is in front, near mouth and nose area, to the left there is exhalation valve (4).

To the right of the inhalation valve, there is economizer (5) that is joined with the facing part of the mask. Exhalation valve and economizer can be swapped in terms of convenience if you wish.

Economizer (5) is to be joined with reducer via bayonet lock (9). Occipital part of the mask is made of wide rubber – cloth band which runs in the form of two loops over head and neck.

The grooved rubber substrate is provided for good fixation on the hair part of head and can be relocated on the band along the full length.




“The Himalayas”- has an excellent functional performance; made of silicon rubber. It differs from “The Himalayas de Lux” only in fabric of the facial part of the mask. This type of mask has got 3 sizes.  




This type of oxygen mask is called “POISK Basic”. The facial part of this mask is made of silicon rubber and has excellent functional performance. It hermetically fits to a face in the area of bridge (of nose) – cheek -bones – nostrils - chin. Alongside the upper lip there is a rubber bridge which provides the safety of mask seal.

This mask is a one – size mask, which fits to everyone.

The inhalation valve (2) is located in front, directly on the mouth level, a bit lower there is the exhalation valve (3). To the right (or left, depending on mask modification) of valves there is an economizer (4) fixed to the facial part of mask. Economizer is to be fixed with the bayonet lock (7) to the reducer via oxygen flow indicator.

Occipital part of the mask (5) is made of rubber-cloth band and runs in the form of two loops over head and neck in order to obtain even and firm fixation.







POISK new mask “All-night” – is mainly comprised of standard, easy demountable elements used in medicine.

Mask consist of flexible facial part made of polyethylene (1), it’s furnished with a nose – clamp (2) on the nasal surface and a small strap (3) to ensure proper fixation to a climber’s head. There is an economizer (4); a thermo – moisture exchanger (5); polyethylene oxygen pipe (6); improved 3-way connector (7), on which all above mentioned elements are assembled. Additionally mask can be equipped with oxygen flow indicator and a bayonet lock.