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Cylinders BG 31,5-23 TU 1412-029-03455343-06

in 2006 was designed cylinder BG-28-23 of 30 liters for the helium storage, used in the system of emergency splashdown helicopters.

prototypes cylinders successfully passed the preliminary test under the testing program and technical requirements for product development. Made installation Batch of 60 units. Customer of this work is Kazan Scientific-Production Enterprise "Helicopters-MI", the system manufacturer - Kazan KB Soyuz. In 2007, the "RPA" Search "on the order of OAO KNPP" Mi "has developed new modification of cylinders BG 31,5-23 to store the helium used in the system of emergency splashdown Mi-8, Mi-8 MTV -1, Mi-8 AMT, Mi-171 and their modifications.

Specifications cylinder shown in the table.

Parameter The value of the container
DB-28-23 DB-31 ,5-23
Weight, kg, not more than 13,0 13,0
Length, mm 618 ± 1 630 ± 1
diameter, mm 307 +2 318-2
capacity of the cylinder, l, par 1928 31,5
Operating pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 22,1 +1 (226 +10)
Work environment Helium compressed according to TU 51-940-80
Pressure test during hydraulic testing, kgf/cm2 (MPa) 30 (307)
Trial pressure pneumatic testing for leaks, kgf/cm2 (MPa) 23 (236)
Minimum pressure destruction kgf/cm2 (MPa) 55,5 (566 )
allowable change in capacity under load when the hydraulic pressure test test ΔV / V,% during Premo acceptance tests (in periodic osvidetelstvoanii) no more than 5 (no more than 4)
designated lifetime of the cylinder, years 1915
designated resource 5000 flight hours with one actuation of the resource