NPO Poisk

New product for aeronautics



Initiated in the first half of 2005, "NPO" POISK "work on the establishment of systems of gaseous helium (Sogg), a specialized captive balloon


Product consists of a base housing the 10 cylinders and a control panel that provides refills and gas supply in the working capacity, and removable power frame provides fastening products for vehicle (special trailer CHMZAP-8335.2). 

system of Helium developed by order ZAO Aeronautic Center Avgur "and is designed for filling balloons, raising the payload of 160 kg. to a height of 700 m.

By Soggy demands of consumers can be adapted to other working environments and vehicles. Cylinders and the total stock of gas in the system can be changed according to customer requirements. Cylinders, designed and manufactured "RPA" SEARCH ", are widely used in different environments, different climates, designed to address a variety of economic problems, including to improve the country's defense.

When developing new designs of cylinders commonly used in the existing organization of experience, the test results of previous samples, use of new materials and technologies described in the technical literature.

Initiated in the first half of 2005, "NPO" POISK "work on the establishment of systems of gaseous helium (Sogg), a specialized captive balloon, successfully ended  in August 2006

In the second quarter of 2006, completed testing of metal cylinders BMA-160-24, 5.


Photo 1                                          Photo 2 


The photo 1 shows the appearance of the container to the fracture fluid pressure 60MPa. The photo number 2 shows the appearance of the container after the destruction of fluid pressure 60MPa.

cylinders are designed for use in a system for gaseous helium balloon, which raises the payload to an altitude of 700 m. The photo 3 balloon is on the launch pad at the photo number 4 balloon raised to a height of 600m.

 Leyner cylinder made of steel 12x18N10T 3 mm. The power envelope is made on the basis of steklorovinga RVMPN 10-1200-14. Cylinders 160 hp, operating pressure 24.5 MPa. The appearance of the container shown in the photo 5 


Specifications cylinder are given in table number 1, the technical characteristics of the battery of 10 gas cylinders, the power frame and control panel are given in Table 2.

Main parametrs of cylinder BMA-160-24,5 TU 2296-024-0345534-05

 Table 1

The parametre name  Significome of parametre 
1. Capacity nominal , l


2. Outside diameter , no more , mm 391
3. Lenght , mm 1936
4. Weight of cylinder , no more , kg


5. Connecting carving  M22*1,5-6e
6. Weight pressure in a cylinder , MPa (kgf/cm2 24,5 (250)
7. Trail pressure in hydraulie tests 39,2 (300)
8. The minimum pressure of destruction  63,8 (650)
9. Operation temperature , 0 from -50 to +50
10. Working enviroment He varied
11. The nomination service live , years including before overhoul , not less, years 15 ; 8
12. Quantity of cycles of refuelling  85

In the process of the OKR received permission Inspections of the state technical supervision of Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the design and manufacture of cylinders. State commission that conducted the test prototype complex imitator, which includes the Sogg, praised his abilities and encouraged to begin mass production of products.   

In November 2006 the Committee for the state tests of "Epigon", which includes a battery gas cylinders, acknowledged the results of tests of the complex positive and encouraged to begin serial production of complex " Epigon ", starting with 2007. In August 2008 was manufactured and shipped to the consumer first production complex " Epigon"  

 Technical and field perfomances of system of mairtenance with gaseous helium 

prime contractor work is ZAO MNITI "Moscow.

 of a specialised fastened fallon 


 Table 2

 The parametre name   Significsnce of parametre or characteristic
1. Working enviroment   
2. Working pressure , Pwork , MPo (kgf/cm2) , no more  24,5 (250)
3. Quantity of cylindres in the gas accumulator , pc  10

4. The capacity,m³,not less:

-in the one cylinder

-the gineral




5. The maximum stok of gas at  20C,not less:

-in the one cylinder

-the geniral




6. Time issue of gas at filling of a cover in volume 450m³,4,no more    1
7. The maximum pressure of issue of gas upon leaving the system ,Mpa (kgs/cm²)    10 (100)
8. Admissible leaking of gas , l/d, no more  AB013M AB013M TU
9.  Valve type  AB013M AB013M TU
10. Qualty of vakves, P  12
11.Manometre type MP 4UU2
12.  Qualty of manometre, p 3
13. Connecting the size of the union of issue of gas(Du,mm ) M22*1,5 (10)
14. Connecting the size of refuclling by gas (Du,mm ) M22*1,5 (10)