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Cylinders BMA-25 -39,2 -50-20-M

BM-25 1412-030-03455343-2008


Parameter  Parameter value    
Capaticy of cylinder, l 14±0,5


 Size of cylinder :



-outside diameter 


-lenght without value                                




Weight of the cylinder , no more 22
Internal thread throat  302-6N GOST 9150
Work pressure in cylinder, MPa (kgf/cm2) 24,5 (250)
Test pressure during hydraulic tests on the stength  36,8 (375)
Test pressure during pneumatie testings for uaks 24,5 (250)
Estimated pressure of destruction , not less 63,7 (650)
Working envlroment 


compressed natural gas



GOST 27577-2000


Qualified life ( storage and exploitation ) 5


Permissible variation of capacity under a load when the hudraulic  pressure test, no more :



-during acceptance testing 



-the periodic inspection








The LADA Priora-type car developed modification LADA Priora CNG, which serves as fuel for compressed natural gas and gasoline. The main fuel is compressed natural gas, which is stored in the four cylinders with a pressure of 25 MPa tale gate underneath the car, and petrol is used as a backup fuel. When etom emissions of "greenhouse gas" CO2 decreases and are consistent with prospective European requirements, and fuel costs are reduced by more than 3 times.




Composite gas cylinders are located under the floor of the car and fitted with built-in fuses and high-speed valves, excluding the possibility of balloon rupture and uncontrolled gas discharge upon failure of gas pipelines.  




When the gas cylinders out, there is an automatic translation engine supply gasoline by the built-in electronic unit injection. You can also transfer the engine from one fuel to another manually.


Modification of cylinder BM-25


Modification of cylinder BM-25


BM-39,2 U 2296-009-03455343-03





Name of parametre

 Parameter setting

execution 01  execution 03
 1 2
 1.Cylinders, l
 3.Outer diameter, mm  
 4.Mass of empty cylinder without a valve, not more than, kg
 5.Internal thread neck to install the valve
  22*1,5-6 9150
 6.Operating pressure in the cylinder, MPa (kgf/cm2)
 39,2 (400)
 7.Pressure test for hydraulic tests of strength, MPa (kgf/cm2)
 51,0 (525) 
 8.Probnoe pressure pneumatic testing for leaks, MPa (kgf/cm2
 39,2 (400) 
 9.Minimum pressure fracture, MPa (kgf/cm2)
 102,0 (1040) 
 10.Working environment
 hydrogen GOST 3022 
 11.The number of loading cycles (refills), not more
 12.The designated shelf life and operation
 13.Temperature operating range of the environment
 -40 - +55
 14.The allowable change in capacity under load when the hydraulic pressure test test ΔV / V,%


- During the acceptance tests



- The periodic inspection


no more than 5
no more than 4
15.Permissible residual volumetric strain after testing the test pressure (in percent of total volumetric expansion at test pressure)
no more than 5











Performance 03




Before the test                                              After the test

BM-50-20 U 2296-010-03455343-00














Working pressure in the cylinder, MPa
Pressure test, MPa
Nominal capacity of the cylinder 
Mass of empty cylinder (without valve), kg, not more
- The shell of fiberglass 
The number of loading cycles (refills), not more
 The length of the cylinder (without valve), mm, not more  - The shell of fiberglass


 Cylinder diameter, mm, not more- The shell of fiberglass


Carving a valve
GOST 9150-81
GOST 9909-81
Temperature operating range of the environment, C (kgf/cm2
 -40 - + 60
The maximum allowed by the ambient temperature
200 C for not more than 60 seconds
The designated service life
 15 years


- 2296-008-03455343-2001









Working pressure in the cylinder, MPa 22
Pressure test, MPa 33
Nominal capacity of the cylinder, L 65
 Mass of empty cylinder (without valve), kg, not more
- The shell of fiberglass
 The number of loading cycles (refills), not more  5000
The length of the cylinder (without valve), mm, not more  805+/-3


 The length of the cylinder and a plug adapter (without valve), mm, not more 

 The diameter of the cylinder (without poles), mm, not more
- The shell of fiberglass




- To install the adapter and plug in the cylinder in accordance with GOST 9150-81 


- To install the valve in the adapter according to GOST 9909-81


M 30*2-6H


Main technical characteristics and operating conditions


The structure of the container includes: A shipping container and the plastic cap. Container liner is made of aluminum alloy reinforced with the entire surface of fiberglass. Neck liner has a thread M 30 × 2-6H GOST 9150, at which the cylinder is screwed shut-off valve. To install the valve on the domestic production of TU 4591-021-07505217-98 cylinder can be supplied on request a special adapter (adapter). At the request of the customer's container can be supplied with threaded W 27,8 GOST 9909. To seal the seats connect the adapter threaded tube neck and the second valve to the container only use aluminum washers or materials which do not form galvanic couples with the material liner.


 Use of compressed gas equipment for compressed natural gas (methane) will allow you not only reduce operating costs for servicing your car, but also significantly improve the ecological situation of our environment. Reducing emissions in the translation of the average vehicle (PBX) to compressed natural gas is as follows: - for carbon oxides (CO) - in 2,6 times - for nitrogen oxides (NOx) - in 1,3-1,4 times; - for soot - 4-5 times. According to the calculations of the Russian scientific institutions, confirmed the practice, cost recovery of re-PBX with the installation of cylinders made of composite materials (composites) at a cost of about $ 4 per 1 liter capacity cylinder for ZIL, GAZ is 1,7 years, for Gazelle - 2 , 4 years, buses IKARUS, LAZ - 1,3 years. Security factor of compressed natural gas. Physico-chemical properties and the international practice of using methane as motor fuel permit the following conclusions. The lower limit of its self-ignition - 650 ° C, while the gasoline it is 550 ° C, propane-butane mixture - 500 ° C; diesel fuel - 320 ° C. Methane is almost two times lighter than air and leaking strives upward and quickly dissolves in the atmosphere. The range of flammable concentrations of propane-butane mixture is within 1,8-8,6%, and methane - in the range 4,0-15,0% of volume.


 The container is a welded stainless steel liner 12X18H10T 1mm thick, reinforced by the entire surface of an organic. Neck liner has a thread M 22 × 1,5-6H GOST 9150, at which the cylinder is screwed shut-off valve.




Main technical characteristics of the cylinder are shown in the table below.


Filling device for filling gas located at the right side of the car near the fuel tank filler port holes and provided with a switch to prevent you from starting the engine if filling gas pistol in the vehicle refueling site or an unknown tube.






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