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Set to run on liquefied natural gas "Helium-SAGA"

Implementing new technology solutions for liquefied natural gas methane (CNG) as motor fuel gives a significant economic effect due to the reduction of operating costs (ordinary "Gazelle" when filling the gas fuel rides of 200 km, as is commonly believed, and 450), as well as create an energy bridge in an environmentally prosperous society. The main feature of automotive systems for CNG - the presence of ...

Cylinders BMA-25 -39,2 -50-20-M



B-25 U 1412-030-03455343-2008



B-39,2 U 2296-009-03455343-03



B-50-20 U 2296-010-03455343-00




B-M U 2296-008-03455343-2001


Gasification worldwide

Multipla Bipower Multipla Blupower

The unusual minivan Multipla Fiat has made its debut in autumn 1998.