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NPO Poisk

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"Poisk is so far, the best oxygen system made for climbing Mt. Everest..." - apeakfreaks.com

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"The Poisk Oxygen system is the, so far, best oxygen system made for climbing..." - windhorse-trek.com

"These oxygen bottles are considered to be the best and the lightest in the world for high-altitude mountain climbing..." - tibetexpeditions.com

"Oxygen: With or Without Oz" - mounteverest.net

"Now the most of high-altitude climbers use "Poisk" oxygen system..." - russianclimb.com

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źFortunately most Everest expeditions use sylinders of St.Petersburg firm ôPOISKö Ltd., this is one of things we can make better than enyone else in the worldö - http://www.sovsekretno.ru/magazines/article/1436