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For more than twenty years NPO POISK has been designing, producing and maintaining pressure vessels. During this period we have manufactures (by the license of the government) thirty-two different types of cylinder construction. More than half of the projects were introduced into full production. All developed cylinders are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. The high level of the cylinder construction and applied technologies is proved by the usage of our cylinders abroad on the basis of official license agreements. Our own development and production capacities enables us to manufacture and test almost all kinds of cylinders and vessels up to 1400 bar (140 MPa) pressure.


«NPO Poisk» was founded on the 12th of April in 1989, as a scientific production department «POISK» patronized by the Leningrad branch of the Center of Scientific activity and Social initiative (resolution ¹28 of LBCSA&SI, Academy of Science, USSR). The main activity of this department was application of the engineering designs of the Academy to the national economy and establishing other institutions and agencies.

Since March'92 «NPO Poisk», in cooperation with Ural Scientific Research Institute of composite (structural) materials starts to design and bring small-sized metalloplastic high pressure gas cylinder into serial production. As a result, the technology, design and specifications of the product (BK-3-300) — cylinder with capacity 3L and working pressure of 300 kg/cm* were designed and passed further development under working conditions.

In October 1992, in co-operation with «Armatura» design office based in Kovrov, the works on design and manufacture of «Poisk-3» (ROD-rescuer's oxygen device) took place.

This device operates on the basis of above mentioned high-pressure gas cylinders. In 1996, the collection of ROD -001 («Poisk 4») design documentation was issued and letter «O» assigned to it.

According to this documentation, within the period of time before 1998 about 1500 devices (3000 cylinders) were produced and exported, among them about 80 cyl. went through the strength test which was carried out to complete failure. Tests were held in works of the Perm branch of USRIC, specifically within the premisses of its model shop ¹2 by RSC- Regional Scientific Center 'Pricladnaja Chimija' and Polsunov NPO — scientific production department. The results of all tests were officially registered, the appropriate certificates of approval were obtained and all cylinders met specification requirements.

In 1993 in accordance with existing legislation and due to elimination of the Academy of Science of the former USSR «NPO Poisk» was re-registered into Limited Partnership «Poisk» and register number A299-06/93-382 was granted to it.

In October 29, 1998 Limited Partnership «NPO Poisk LTD» was once again re-registered into « NPO Poisk» by the solution ¹ 2064-r.

In 1996, due to the requirements of «Rules of arrangement and safety maintenance of high-pressure vessels» (PB 10-115-96)», NPO Poisk Ltd.» has approached licensing of manufacture and design works of the high pressure vessels — the high pressure composite cylinders (¹¹ 12P-00/6649 and 12I-00/6650).

Over the whole period of production NPO Poisk encountered no claims from its purchasers concerning unsatisfactory quality of the device ROD-001, or operation failure during the climbing, allowing for the extreme mountain conditions. The a.m. cylinders were approved by the expert organization — CSRI of machinery engineering (¹5153-54, dated by 22.09.1997). The specifications of these cylinders (¹1411-001-03455343-97) were re-issued and then registered in accordance with the established procedure.

Starting with 1998 and until 01.06.2003, approximately 9000 cylinders with the above mentioned documentation had been produced and exported, and the permission for serial production and application of the cylinders (RRS-56-00031) had been obtained.

In 1996 limited partneship»NPO Poisk ltd.» in cooperation with design department « Mashinostrojenije» from Kolomna approached the design works and manufacture of the medium-sized metal plastic high-pressure gas cylinder (BG-20-410). This cylinder was applied in military rocket units (nitrogen), in helicopter's systems of emergency water landing (helium), and in the life- support systems (oxygen).

As a result of the carried out works a steady batch of the articles was released for sale, specifications were designed and oficially registered according to the established procedure (spec.1412-002-03455343-97). All fulfilled works were approved by the expert organization — CSRI of mashinery engineering and the certificate of approval (¹ 5153-78, dated by 26.12 1997)was obtained.

Starting with 1998 «NPO Poisk» approached the design of metalloplastic cylinder with the capacity of 2500 L and working pressure 40 mPa, in order to carry out the task given by the Novgorod Company «Splav» (specifications 2296-005-03455343-99). This cylinder was intended for the fueler PGZ-250M (applied gas — hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, methane) the given order was being fulfilled in favor of Russian Ministry for Military Defense.

Presently, the prototypes of this cylinders are being produced and put to tests. All works were supervised by The State Technical Inspection of the Ministry of Defense.

In 1999, on the instructions of central administrative board GSP (Russian Ministry for Inner affaires), our company was to produce a small composite cylinder BG -6, 8-30, 4 with specification ¹ 2296-003-03455343-99. This product received the expert conclusion by CSCRI of machinery engineering, dated by 15.07.99, the application license (¹ RRS04-480) , and the certificate ¹ROSS.RU.AJ 04.BO1463 permitting its serial production.

Same year, in order to fulfil custom engineering task of Public Ltd. Company «Aspect», the die-welding cylinders BD-20-8, BD-40-8, BD-60-8, BD-100-8 (spec.No1413-007-03455343-2000) were designed. All these products received expert conclusion by the expert organization « Mashtest», as well as permission for application (certificate ¹ 03-1419).

In the year 2000, «NPO Poisk» by request of the Private Ltd. Company «LEM» developed new metalloplastic transport cylinder for compressed natural gas (methane) — BMA-50-20 with specifications: 2296-010-03455343-00. The cylinder obtained the permission for application ¹RRS 03-1813, the certificate for the serial production ¹ ROS RU.AJ04.BO 3161 dated by 13.07. 2000 and the expert conclusion by the CSRI of machinery engineering which was issued on 22.06.2000.

In the year 2001-2003 there had been developed metalloplastic transport cylinders of 65L capacity and working pressure of 22MPa for compressed natural gas (methane) — BMA-65-22. Cylindes were designed and made to order of the company «LEM LTD» and the joint stock company «Avtovaz». The experimental development of the cylinders were carried off successfully. They received the certificate of conformance permitting their serial production (No ROSS RU AJ 04.N00468), the permission for application (certificate ¹ PPC 03-5055), the positive conclusion of the Research-and-Production manufacturing firm «Mashtest» (No910-MT-2001).

Currently «NPO Poisk» is developing the design and serial production of:

- cylinders BD — V — 2, 25 with the capacity from 20L to 500L and working pressure 2, 25 mPa made of austenite steels 12(08)X18H10T for preservation of the compressed gases and liquid mediums(spesifications1413-006-03455343-2000).
Cylinders received certificate of application(certificate ¹ PPC 03-8188).

— melalloplastic cylinder with valve for fire-fighting equipment, its capacity is 9L and working pressure 31 mPa(spec. 22 96-08-03455343-00).

Over the period of 2000/2001 NPO Poisk' had obtained new licenses issued by the Federal Mine and Industrial Inspection of Russia:
— license to design vessels operating under pressure (OOPR ¹014920).
— license to manufacture vessels operating under pressure (56IR-¹000159).

In the year 2003 Public Limited Company «POISK» implemented the task of the Korolev Space Rocket Corporation by designing and manufacturing the pilot lot of cylinders BMA-39, 2 (specification 2296-009-03455343-03).The capacity of the cylinders is 30L and their working pressure is 39, 2 Mpa. Cylinders designed for the energy installations of cars either as the daily tank or as the compressed hydrogen storage according to the State Standard No 3022.

The manufactured range of products belongs to ' NPO Poisk' and is covered by the following patents and licences:

— Composite high pressure gas cylinder, licence ¹2077682.
— Metalloplastic high pressure gas cylinder , licence ¹ 13498
— Metaloplastic high-pressure gas cylinder (different types), licence ¹14065.
— Oxygen device ROD with oxygen-flow controller and high-pressure gas cylinder, licence ¹5528.
— Cylinder pressure regulator 93-034575/09 (033879).
— Decentralized gas supply complex (variants) and gas cylinder unit , licence No 15505.
— Metal liner, metalloplastic high-pressure gas cylinder (variants) and method of production of the metalloplastic high-pressure gas cylinder, patent No 21 87746.

— High-pressure gas vessel (variants), gas inhaler, portable breathing apparatus, patent No 2200898.

— Gas storage and feed unit (variants), support unit for the metall plastic high pressure vessel, certificate No 22216.
— Metal plastic high pressure cylinder , method of cylinder efficiency monitoring and cylinder efficiency control unit, patent No 221 0697.
— Test method of high pressure cylinders application No 2002 135809.
— Shaping method of the hollow body with variable cross-section , production method of the high pressure metal liner and the unit for its implementation, application No 2003 123574.

Director of NPO POISK ltd Zoya Klyunina