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Our regular Russian customers


Monitoring Ltd
KB Mashynostroyeniya in Kolomna
Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" after S.P. Korolev
Avtovaz Corp.
CRISM "Prometey"
OJSCo CDB "Lazurit" (for its projects "Triton-NN”, "Dolphin-DWC")
"Augur" Aerostatic Systems
Scientific Research Institute of Rail Transport
Engineering Bureau "Globus" in Ryazan
State Institute of Applied Optics (NPO GIPO)
Scientific and Technical Complex "Cryogenic Technique"
OJSCo "St. Petersburg Marine Ingeneering Office " Malachite"
OJSCo "LOMO" in St. Petersburg    




Customers from all over the world


Himalayan Guides expeditions – Mr. Henry Todd – (GB) since 1995 (six times) - till 2012
Adventure Consultants Everest – Mr. Rob Hall – (New Zealand) – 1995 two times
American Mount Everest Expedition – Mr. Todd Burleson(USA) – 1995 six times
Rol Waling Trek and Expedition 95 – Norwegian Everest Expedition
American on Everest 1995 – Mr.Bob Hoffman
IMC Everest Expedition 1995 – Mr.Hans Itel
OTT Everest North Ridge and British Quomolangma Expeditions 95 – Mr. Jon Tinker
Korean Everest South West Face and Lhotse Expedition 1995
International Friendship Everest Expedition 1996 – Mr. Rob Hall
Taiwanese Shisha Pangma Expedition 1996
Everest IMAX Filming Expedition 1996 – – Mr. Ed Viesturs
Arcturus Everest Expedition 1996 – Mr.David Breashears
1st SOUTH AFRICAN Everest Expedition, 1996 – expedition leader – Mr.Ian Woodall
Canadian Everest Expedition, 1996 – Mr. Steve Matous
Malaysia Everest 1997
Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 1997 – Mr. Guy Cotter
Ski De Summit Muztagh Ata Expedition 1997
Everest Expedition 1998 – Mr.Wallace Berg
Everest Environmental Expedition 1998 – Mr. Bob Hoffman
H.K.E. Everest Expedition 1998
Lhotse expedition 98
Latvian Highland Club 1998 (including a big number of Russian climbers)
Russian North Ridge Everest Expedition 1998
K2 Challenge 98 Societa Delle Guide Di Courmayeur – Mr. Edmond Joyeusaz
GB Tibet Cho Oyu Expedition 1998
Int. Wahimea Everest Expedition 98 North Face (Tibet)
Singapore Everest Expeditions 98 – Mr. David Lim
International Everest Expedition ,Spring 99
First Georgian Everest Expedition 99
Mountain madness 1999 Pakistan expedition
Mountain madness Everest 2000
Everest environmental expedition 2000 – Mr. Bob Hoffman
Lhotse Grus expedition 2000
Team Everest 2000 expedition spring 2000
HG Lhotse expedition 2000 – Mr. Henry Todd
Thrane and thrane Everest expedition 2000
Everest Russian expedition 2000 – Mr. Skripko
Broad Peak Expedition 2000 Mr David Hamilton - Himalaya Trek and Tour 
Himalaya Trek and tour, Pakistan 2000 – Mr. Skripko
Taegu Qomolungma Expedition 2000 (Korea) – Mr. Chang
Canadian Adventure Services 2000 – Mr. Ben Webster  
Oddessey Everest Expedition 2001
Friendship International Everest Expedition 2001
Great Escapes 2001 (USA) – Mr. Steve Matous
Himalayan Experience Ltd., 2001 expedition leader Kelly Sutherland
Alpine Mountaineering Ltd., 2001 – Mr. Andy Broom
Alpine Ascents south col expedition (Nepal) 2002
Kazakhstan Mountaineering Club Kazakhstan) 2002
Arun Treks and Expeditions PVT (Nepal) 2002
Kobler & partner (Switzerland) 2002
Peak promotion (Nepal) 2002
AS Tallinna Lennujaam (Estonia) 2002
High country trekking Ltd. (Nepal) 2002 – Mr Ang Rita Sherpa
Romanian Everest Expedition 2003 – Mr. David Neascu
Spanish Everest Expedition (Tibet side) Spring 2003
Irish Everest Expedition 2003
Defence Attache Embassy of India 2003
DCXP Labchi Kung Cho oyo and shisap Angma Tibet Expedition (Nepal) 2003
Experience Pet Ltd., 2003 – Mr. Dipak Lama
Alpine Ascents International (USA) 2003
AAI Everest Expedition 2003
Tamserku Trekking (Nepal) 2003
World Expeditions Consultants Inc. (Japan) 2003 – Mr. Nukita Muneo
Gorrila & Kame Qomolangma Expedtions (Nepal) 2003
Miura Everest Epedition 2003, Nepal
Independent Agencies 2003,2009 
Dream Everest Expedition (Nepal) 2004 – Mr. Marq Thamel
Spanish Everest Expedition 2004 (Spain)
Bulgarian Everest Expedition (Tibet side) 2004
Chilean Mt. Everest 2004 Expedition – Mr. Rodrigo Herman Jordan
Russian Everest Expedition 2004 (Central North Wall) – Mr. Victor Kozlov
AAI Everest Expedition 2005
International Tibet Chomolumgma Expedition
Dream Everest Expedition 2005
Jamdpal Import Export
Everest Tibet Expedition - Leader Mr.VP Molsa
7 Summit Club Everest Expedition Tibet 2005 Spring - Leader Alex Abramov
Team Honda Everest Expedition 2005
Indian Air Force Everest Expedition
International Everest Expedition 2005 North Col Route Tibet Side
Cho-Oyu Expedition
Army Women Everest Expedition
Team No Limits Everest 2006
Royal Mountain Travel
AAI Everest Expedition 2006
Everest Expedition 2006 Himalayan Guides
The Everest Peace Project
International Everest Expedition 2006
Spanish Tibet Everest Expedition 2006
Seven Summits Club Expedition 2006
Indian Cho-Oyu Mountaineering Expedition 2006
Nazir Sabur Expedition (Pakistan)
K-2 Kuzbass Expedition (Pakistan)
Ural Cho-Oyu 2006 Expedition
HG Winter Shishapangma Expedition
H.G. Everest Expedition 2007
China Mountaineering Assosiation
AAI Everest Expedition 2007
Dream Everest Expedition 2007
Mt. Everest Oxygen Service Centre
Sky High Scouts On Everest
Korean Expedition 2007
Seven Summits Club Expedition 2007
Indian Expedition 2007
K2 Russian Expedition Direct West Face 2007
Jasmine Tours Pakistan
Leader Serbia K2 Expedition (Pakistan) 2008
Korean flying K2 Expedition (Pakistan) 2008
EH Peak Freak Everest Expedition (Nepal) 2008
International Everest Expedition (Nepal) 2008
Himalaya Expedition (Nepal) 2008
Miura Qomolangma Expedition (Nepal) 2008
NEOgas-CVP 2008
Canada West Mountains School
Explore Himalaya 2009
Himalayan Mountain Guides 2009
Summit Oxygen 2009
South Asia Trekking 2009
Rimo Expeditions 2009,2012
Bikal Adhikari 2009
Essar Karim 2009
Chuck Boyd 2009
Dennis Li 2009
Everest 2009
Blue sky tours 2009
Graham Smith 2009
Bunichi Iwamoto 2009
Hoselito Bite 2009
Jean-Yves Perino 2009
Chinese Mountaineering Association 2009
Matt Parkes 2009
Nirat Bhatt 2009
Slobodan Stokic 2009
Ted Atkins 2009
Timothy.R.Bugas 2009
Mike arcasse 2009
Everest Environmental Expedition 2009
Canada West Mountain School 2009, 2010
Adventure International Inc 2009
Asian Trekking Ltd 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 
The Media Evangelism Ltd 2009
Jasmine Tours 2010
Himalayan Nepal Treks & Expedition P. Ltd 2010
OY WOIKOVSKI AB, Mr. Kalevi Korjala, 2010
World Expedition Consultants Inc. by Mr. Nukita Muneo, 2010
Beijing Extreme Experience Outdoor Adventure Co Ltd., 2010
7 Summits Club bu Mr. Vasenko konstantin, 2009-2011
and many others...