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НПО Поиск


For more than twenty years NPO POISK has been designing, producing and maintaining pressure vessels. During this period we have manufactures (by the license of the government) thirty-two different types of cylinder construction. More than half of the projects were introduced into full production. All developed cylinders are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. The high level of the cylinder construction and applied technologies is proved by the usage of our cylinders abroad on the basis of official license agreements. Our own development and production capacities enables us to manufacture and test almost all kinds of cylinders and vessels up to 1400 bar (140 MPa) pressure.


Company News

Questions about oxygen equipment

Questions about oxygen equipment Recently, we receive many questions regarding our oxygen equipment.

15.10.2014 00:30

Information about refilling cylinders

Dear friends! Here you can find some useful information about the refilling of cylinders in "POISK"

19.02.2013 11:02

Oxygen equipment for climbers

Dear Friends! This year marks twenty years of use our oxygen system in high-altitude climbing.

08.02.2013 03:18

Important to know!

07.01.2012 00:25

ATTENTION !!! Our company offers a rent of oxygen equipment.

Our company offers a rent of oxygen equipment.

11.08.2009 09:46

Dear clients!

Our company find it necessary to inform, for whom it may concerned, that Mr. Andrey Maximov was fired on 02 March, 2009 for loss of confidence.

03.03.2009 09:14